Product Platform Interface Function Benefits Drawbacks
FCKEditor Web Web HTML editor A wrapper for
the IE and Mozilla HTML edit controls. This is actually a great project
and I use it frequently.
Does not
actually convert RTF to HTML. Sometimes it can be a bit cranky,
especially when it hits against browser security.
Abiword Command line options for conversion Word processor, also has options for converting files on the command line Open source, free, comprehensive conversion Command line interface is very poorly documented. There is an SDK but I do not know what it’s capabilities are.
wv command
Word to html, rtf, latex etc.
directly from Microsoft Word file format.
not convert back to Microsoft Word format.
OpenOffice GUI To
and from many formats
open source word processor with good support for common file formats.
a large amount of computer resources.


7-Zip Great open source zip
programme. Windows interface.

Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox


CDDA paranoia. Linux
command line. Best ripper available – it rips each sector multiple times, until
it’s sure you have the original content off the CD.

CDEX Good free cd ripper for


Innosetup: used for
all the Windows packages on this site. Free installer software (not open source).

NSIS intstallerFree and open source installer. May be
used for any software (e.g. freeware, shareware or commercial).

Wotsit’s format Great website for
obtaining file format specifications including RTF, HTML, image formats

Borland Turbo C++ Latest version of the Borland C++ Builder series. “Explorer” edition is available free for download.

Visual Studio Express