New Linux Release 4.0.1

I have released a new version of Docfrac. This includes Linux packages and source code. A few GUI bugs have been fixed. As soon as I have a Windows VM I will do a Windows release.

In the next minor release (4.1.x) I will try to look at creating a .NET assembly and cleaning up the code.

These releases have had minimal testing, so they should still be considered beta.



New Beta Version Released

A new beta version has been released. Only the source code has been released at this time – packaged Windows and Linux versions will come shortly.

This release includes a new UI which will work on Windows and Linux. A Mac OS X version is also a possibility.

Future plans may include a .NET assembly.


UI Reimplemented


The new Docfrac has reached an exciting stage – I now have a working end-to-end implementation. This has been written in Qt, as Borland C++ Builder 3 is now terribly terribly old (although a new version is available).

As a bonus of using Qt, the UI shall be available for the first time on Linux. Mac OS X may follow in the future.

What’s working:

  • Adding files to batch
  • Removing files from batch
  • Converting files
  • Toolbar
  • Paste files
  • Drag and drop files
  • Worker thread for conversion
  • Linux
  • About box – huzzah!

What’s not done:

  • Progress bar
  • Windows
  • Changing properties once files are added to the batch
  • Packaging (RPM, MSI)
  • Saving previous values (e.g. last open dialog directory, properties)

What will not be done in this release:

  • Mac OS X version
  • COM version (may be replaced with a .NET assembly)

See you around!


New UI Taking Shape

I am currently creating a new UI for Docfrac using the excellent QtCreator tool. This means that Linux and Windows UI clients will be available, eventually a Mac OSX client will also be available.

The core engine will not be updated at this stage. The Windows DLL will not be updated in the first release and the COM DLL will be dropped for eventual replacement with a .NET assembly – let me know what you think.

I mainly use linux, so the Windows platforms are not as high a priority. Any donations would help.

Here are a few screenshots:

Every programme needs an about box :)

New Website for Docfrac and Old Domain!

Welcome to the new website for Docfrac. With having two children it has been difficult to fit in any work on Docfrac. In addition the domain name was lost for a few years.

Now the website has been revamped and I will start looking at the code itself. My first plan is to get the code up and running again, then start working on a QT or GTK UI, which will work across platforms.