UI Reimplemented


The new Docfrac has reached an exciting stage – I now have a working end-to-end implementation. This has been written in Qt, as Borland C++ Builder 3 is now terribly terribly old (although a new version is available).

As a bonus of using Qt, the UI shall be available for the first time on Linux. Mac OS X may follow in the future.

What’s working:

  • Adding files to batch
  • Removing files from batch
  • Converting files
  • Toolbar
  • Paste files
  • Drag and drop files
  • Worker thread for conversion
  • Linux
  • About box – huzzah!

What’s not done:

  • Progress bar
  • Windows
  • Changing properties once files are added to the batch
  • Packaging (RPM, MSI)
  • Saving previous values (e.g. last open dialog directory, properties)

What will not be done in this release:

  • Mac OS X version
  • COM version (may be replaced with a .NET assembly)

See you around!